Congratulations on your new tattoo!

Quality is truly our commitment, please follow these steps to ensure optimal healing:

• Leave your bandage on for about 2 hours. You may notice some blood or other fluid buildup, which is to be expected during this time. Do not leave on for more than 24 hours.


• When removing  bandage, wash hands, wash tattoo thoroughly with warm water and fragrance-free soap (preferably anti-bacterial soap).


• Pat dry with clean paper towel and allow to air dry.


• Apply thin layer of ointment (preferably Aquaphor). Please be sure this is always done with clean hands and that you do not over-apply ointment as excess ointment will clog pores and slow healing. Use ointment 2-3 times a day for 3-4 days.


• Before applying new ointment or lotion wash tattoo. Keep your procedure area clean with fragrance-free soap and warm water, and avoid touching with unwashed hands or any material that one may come in contact with.


• After 3-4 days of ointment switch to a dye free fragrance free lotion, continuing this process for a total of 14 days.


• During these 14 days it is essential that NO sunbathing, NO water immersion (swimming, ocean, pool, jacuzzi, bath, etc.)


Remember that your tattoo is now part of your skin. If your skin is healthy, so is your tattoo. It is recommended that after the two-week healing process, use of daily lotion and sunscreen when exposed to sun is important! If you have any question about your aftercare, please feel free to give us a call. 

Thank you for your business.

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